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And also be on the road in a about 45 minutes. Sleep in my own bed tonight, YAY!
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Ok for the second time in about 18 months I had a deer hit my car. Sigh. I am fine. Just missed a days work.
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Ann got me some new underwear... why does it come in a "resealable bag"?
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One of Ann's friends at work heard 1985 by Bowling for Soup on the CD player when they went to lunch one day and wanted to hear more of them. So I burned a disc for her. Now her son in the first grade is running around singing the chorus from "Somebody Get My Mom."

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If your conversation is that important pull off the damn road and have. Dont speed up and slow down over and over. Or you could just hang up and DRIVE!

If your kid steps on my still healing left foot again I WILL fucking backhand him.

And why cant we have some goddamn new Supernatural episodes?
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So last night at dinner Gordy was comparing me to Canada.

Lon is freindly and gregarious, without beiing overbearing....
Like Canada.

When people are in trouble they run to Lon...
Like Canada.

When people are asked they say Lon is ok and they would go back again.
Like Canada

And Lon is grumpy sometimes...
Like Quebec.

There were a few more, but I dont recall them. And no I do not have "beady little eyes
and flapping heads so full of lies."
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Ok listening to a CD on the way home from work to I was listening to a cover of Sweet Is the Night and had an odd thought...

Sweet Is the Night by ELO could be about and vampire and her lover...

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Repeat chorus
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Ok I think...

That someone needs to do am indie game called Fantasy Heartbreaker...

And that there need to be a movie to DVD called Security Device Enclosed.

That is all.
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Pixar is doing pretty well. Still not a 100% housebroken, but she will go sit by the back door when she wants to go out most times. Her and Warner play a little now. I think Warner has forgotten that Pixar hasnt always been here.

This afternoon we are going to see Avenue Q at the Wharton Center. Ann is wearing her t-shirt "The Internet is for Porn". I just wish they sold Bad Idea Bears.
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I just realised that I am going to see the cardiologist on Valentines Day. Go figure.
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